Your dog's health

Keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and ready to play fetch.

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Nutrition

Bon(e) appetit!

What's the Deal With Pet Vaccinations?

We need to get shots in paws!

Dog Insurance

Dog insurance is a safety net that helps to cover the costs of diagnostics, procedures, medications, and more!

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Furry Friend

We spoke with one of the Humane Society's vets to get the low down.

Every Vaccination Your Puppy Will Need

Set your pup up for success from day one.

Common Dog Diseases, Explained

Some illnesses to watch out for to keep your best friend safe.

Making Sense of Your Dog's Poop

Get ready to learn some helpful crap.

The Best Flea Control For Your Dog

Soothing relief is on the way, buddy.

Preventative Care

Preventative care describes treatments that promote your pet’s general wellness.

Don't Let Your Dog Eat These Toxic Foods

From avocado to moldy walnuts, here are some foods your pup should avoid.

Microchipping Your Dog, Explained

A tiny device can help bring your lost pup home.

How Much Does it Cost to Spay or Neuter a Dog?

Before your best friend gets "snipped," get the facts on this routine procedure.

When Pet Obesity Becomes a Health Concern

How can you tell if your cat or dog needs to trim down?

Managing Your Dog's Pain

How to know when your furry friend is hurting—and what to do about it.

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

An apple a day keeps the… veterinarian away? You bet!

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

A delicious and nutritious snack for your pup.

SOAP Notes

SOAP notes refer to a documented report, provided by your vet, that describes your pet’s medical history.

Pet Health Conditions

Pet health conditions can refer to different illnesses your vet may diagnose your pet with.

Pet Diagnostics

Pet diagnostics refer to different kinds of tests that can provide an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s health.

Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is a health issue in dogs the causes a bright-red bump to appear on the inside corner of the eye.

27 Pet-Friendly Plants For Your Home and Garden

Your fur babies and plant babies should live in harmony.

Everything You Need To Know About Female Dogs

Some things to consider when it comes to your girl dog's health and behavior.

What To Know About Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

Let's brush up on the basics.

Marijuana & Your Pet: What You Need To Know

How to keep your fur fam safe in a 4/20-friendly home.

Dog Surgery 101: Costs, Care, & More

What to expect when your pup goes in for surgery.

Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Keep your pup's snout clear and their tail wagging.

Diarrhea in Dogs: What You Need To Know

Carpet cleaning not included.

The Ultimate Dog Safety Guide for Summer

How to protect your fur fam from the dog days of summer.

Are Puppuccinos Safe for Dogs?

Our favorite vet weighs in.

Kennel Cough: What You Need to Know

Get the facts and breathe easy.

How Often Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Keep your pup's tail wagging between check-ups.

Diabetes in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Get the facts and keep your pup healthy.

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