Car insurance 101

Got car insurance questions? We’ve got answers! Get the scoop on your car insurance policy—from coverage, costs, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance

It's not that hard to become a car insurance pro. Let's roll!

Who's Covered to Drive Your Car?

Lending out your car? Here's what you need to know before you hand over those keys.

A Different Kind of Car Insurance

Let's explore the unique perks and benefits of Lemonade Car, a whole new way of doing car insurance.

The Lemonade Car Claims Experience, Explained

High-tech + human empathy = the best claims process imaginable

Types of Car Insurance

Your car insurance policy is a collection of different coverages—some legally mandated, and others optional.

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance, Explained

Have stellar driving habits and spend less time behind the wheel than the average driver? Pay per mile car insurance could be a great fit.

What You Need To Know About Lemonade Car

Don't go to pieces. Car insurance doesn't have to be a headache

What is a Multi-driver Car Insurance Policy?

Who should I cover to drive my car? And how will covering multiple drivers on my policy affect my premium?

What’s the Best Car Insurance for Low-Mileage Drivers?

Let's take a look under the hood at how the number of miles you drive could help you save on your car insurance policy.

What is a Multi-car Insurance Policy?

And can it save me money on my car insurance premium?

Car Insurance Deductible

Your car insurance deductible is the amount of money you’d contribute when your insurance company pays for a covered claim.

Act of God Insurance

The insurance industry uses the term “Acts of God” to refer to damage caused by something that’s outside of human control.

Annual Mileage

Your car's annual mileage is one part of a bigger picture.

When is a car considered totaled?

An insurance company usually declares a car to be a total loss when the cost of repair is greater than the cost to replace.

Car Insurance Exclusions

Car insurance exclusions are a way for insurance companies to more narrowly define what’s covered, and what’s not, in a car insurance policy.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance is a document issued by your insurance company that provides proof you have at least the state-mandated minimum insurance coverage.

Vehicle Identification Number

A vehicle identification number (also called a VIN number) is used to identify the specific vehicle and vehicle type


Subrogation is a legal right that allows your insurer to pay for your damages before pursuing the responsible party to collect the debt it's owed.

Rated Resident

A rated resident refers to a member of your household who drives an insured car, and whose driving record is used to determine your insurance premiums. 


A betterment clause states that an insurer will not pay for any repairs or replacement parts that improve the car’s condition and increase its value.

Actual Cash Value

Actual cash value (ACV) is the amount an insurance company decides your car is worth at the time of an accident.

Salvage Title

A salvage title is a branded title that warns buyers of the extent of damages from an accident, theft, or other situation like a natural disaster. 

Waiver of Subrogation

Before you agree to sign one of these, take a look at what it entails. We explain everything in plain English.

Trailer Insurance

What to know about auto insurance and your non-motorized trailer.

How Does Lemonade Car Price Policies?

And what the heck is a Safety Score?

Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

Yes, but only if you have comprehensive coverage.

How to Avoid a Lapse in Car Insurance Coverage

Tips and tricks to stay protected on the road.

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