Michigan Pet Insurance Guide

Keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy in The Great Lakes State.

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Michigan pet parents: Whether you’ve got a Dachshund in Detroit or a Lykoi in Lansing, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through the hidden gems and insider tips of being a Michigan pet parent, and while we’re at it, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of pet insurance so you can keep your furry friend (and your wallet) covered.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance assists in covering the costs of your vet bills. You pay a premium each month to the insurance company, and in return, you can care for your canine or feline fur fam without having to worry about how much it will cost.

With Lemonade pet insurance, there are numerous ways to customize your policy with our coverage options:

To begin with, a base Lemonade pet health insurance policy will assist in covering the costs of medication, tests, and treatments if your cat or dog has an unexpected accident or illness.

A base policy is excellent for the unexpected things in your fur fam’s future. Still, Lemonade also offers preventative care packages, which are designed to keep your pet healthy and help cover expenses you’re probably paying for anyway. By adding this package to a Lemonade policy, you’ll also get access to a live medical chat option and will get covered for all kinds of things—like your annual blood tests, vaccinations, wellness exam, and more. There may be some applicable exclusions.

Lemonade offers a Preventative, Preventative+, and a Puppy/Kitten Preventative package. Depending on your pet’s age, this package covers things like spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, and flea and tick treatments.

You can also customize your Lemonade policy with a mix and match of optional add-ons like: physical therapy, vet visit fees, dental illness, behavioral conditions, and end-of-life and remembrance—to help take the bite out of pricey treatments, services, and trips to the vet.

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Here’s an example of how a Lemonade pet insurance policy works:

  1. Buy a policy. You answer a few quick questions about your German Shepherd, Wolverine, and build your pet’s policy with the help of our friendly AI chatbot. The monthly premium you pay is determined by various factors, primarily things that you can customize, like your annual deductible, co-insurance, coverage package, and the annual limit on your plan. (If you would like, you can take a deeper dive into how pet insurance works to help you create your perfect policy.) Pet insurance coverage with Lemonade can cost as low as $10/month. Here’s a handy breakdown of the whole (simple) process.
  2. Go to the vet. You rush Wolverine to the vet after he broke his leg from playing too rough at the dog park. The exam, x-ray, and cast cost you $1,000. Woof. But since you have pet insurance, you don’t have to worry about the total amount. Find out how pet insurance works here.
  3. Get your money back. Wolverine is safely on the mend, and you get up to a $900 reimbursement back in your pocket from Lemonade!

It’s worth noting that as your dog ages, they will require more veterinary care and treatments, which is why it pays to take out a pet insurance policy for your dog as early as possible. If you try to sign your 13-year-old dog up for insurance for the first time, they might be declined due to their age; either way, they’re more likely to have pre-existing conditions that won’t be covered by insurance. But if you get your new puppy a Lemonade policy right away, you’ll be able to continue renewing their policy as they age.

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Top Michigan dog parks

Energetic pup? Let them run wild in one of Michigan’s many off-leash or fenced-in dog parks. Just make sure that they are spayed or neutered, and your pup’s vaccinations are up-to-date and before you let them run wild.

  • Shaggy Pines Dog Park. Are you looking for a doggy Disneyland? This number one dog park located in Ada and just minutes away from Grand Rapids is the puppy paradise you have been looking for. The dog park includes a doggy wash area, water stations, a doggy store, varied terrain, and even a swimming pond! Explore the sixteen acres of lush park area lined with pine trees, wide-open fields, and rolling hills. 
  • Joey’s Pet Outfitters Dog Park. You can take care of everything you need at this premier Williamston dog park, which offers a complete pet store nearby. Joey’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life for your precious pup, by offering diet education, shopping, dining, and entertainment! The seven-acre dog park has been designed to be the ultimate experience. Make sure to stop by Joey’s Pet Spa before you leave. 
  • Mill Pond Dog Park. There is nothing better for your furry friend than hanging out on the waterfront to frolic, play, and muck around in the mud. Mill Pond Park in Saline is a great place to cool off and have a messy good time! There is plenty of wide-open space to run around and swim or relax on the grass. There’s a children’s park nearby, wooded areas, soccer fields, and a Gaga Ball pit, so that other, 2-legged family members can burn off energy too. In the winter, you’re welcome to go cross-country skiing or sledding.
  • Orion Oaks Dog Park. This Oakland County dog park in Lake Orion is the perfect place for nature-loving humans and water-loving pups with a massive twenty-four-acre enclosed area, with three separate areas, and hiking trails galore. There is a dog swimming dock, ramps, and doggy beach with access to Lake Sixteen, which is for doggy swimming only (sorry, humans). There is also a designated small dog area, picnic shelter, field area, drinking water, and restroom-access. 
  • WOOFhaven Dog Park. WOOFhaven is a two-acre haven for your fur babies in Woodhaven for canine citizens to have fun and run around from dusk until dawn. There are two sections, one for larger dogs and another for smaller dogs as well as benches, picnic tables, and cleanup stations. 
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“Come here often?”

Thinking about adopting a pet? Check out these popular shelters!

CityMost popular animal shelters
Ann ArborHumane Society of Huron Valley
Clinton TownshipMacomb County Animal Control
DearbornFriends for Animals of Metro Detroit
DetroitDetroit Animal Care and Control
FlintAll About Animals Rescue
Grand RapidsHumane Society Of West Michigan
LansingIngham County Animal Shelter Thrift Store
LivoniaMichigan Humane
Sterling HeightsCat Tail Kitties Rescue
Warren Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County

Support Michigan-based pet businesses

Support small Michigan businesses while keeping your best friend completely pampered!

  • Petland Novi. Are you hoping to open your heart and your home to a new fur baby to call your own? Petland’s professionally-trained staff promotes responsible puppy ownership, placing tens of thousands of puppies into loving forever homes. They have top-notch customer service and standards that exceed USDA regulations. Petland Pets in Novi is a locally-owned and operated leader in quality pet care on a mission to make your family complete! 
  • Pet Pantry. At Pet Pantry in Harbor Springs, you can find everything you need for your feline and canine companions. This full-service pet supply store carries a wide variety of supplies from beds, treats, toys, and of course, food. Whatever keeps your furry friends happy and healthy, you can find it at their store or online. They also carry supplies for your pet birds and wild bird food for your feathered friends who live in your backyard. Check out the finest locally owned and operated specialty pet realtor in Northern Michigan!
  • Highland Pets. All-natural pet food is often a criteria for the discerning pet parent these days. However, you might not expect to have easy access to top-notch cuisine from your boarding or daycare services. Think again. Highland Pets is a one-stop-shop providing all-natural pet food, social daycare, boarding, grooming, and training. Stop by their store in Highland for nutrition counseling, and ask about a balanced nutrition plan for your pet. Follow Highland Pets on Instagram for deals, events, and, of course, adorable photos! 
  • Lou’s Pet Shop. Located in Grosse Pointe Woods, Lou’s Pet Shop is more than just a store. Community, education, and happy pets are part of its mission. Lou’s shop has a Zoological license, so they are qualified to sell and safely produce exotic species. From their breeding program development, to animal nutrition, Lou’s lives and breathes animals. They also have a passionate, knowledgeable team providing excellent customer service. Whether you are looking for organic food or Ivy League toys, Lou’s is on a quest to provide the best for your best friend! 
  • The Pet Emporium. Do you need a fun and healthy place to shop for your fur baby? The Pet Emporium in Ann Arbor is stocked full of fun, healthy, practical, and hard-to-find products for cats, dogs, birds, small animals, fish, and reptiles. They specialize in natural products and trendy collars. Organic and vegetarian, grain-free, and even raw frozen diet product lines are all available at The Pet Emporium. Since being connected to the local culture is a priority in Ann Arbor, the Pet Emporium is actively involved in the community, getting involved in local charities and even hosting Ann Arbor’s annual Pet Fest!


Before we go…

The bonding, the snuggles, the giggles! Being a pet parent is special, isn’t it? Pets contribute so much to our lives. The connection that Michigan pet parents have with their furry companions is real. In fact, according to a Michigan State University study, pets are good for your health. That is one powerful bond. Of course, our pets are important to us, but vet bills can really take a bite out of our pocketbooks, which is why more and more pet parents have decided that dog insurance or cat insurance is right for you and your four-legged besties. 


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