Moving tips

Hate moving? Welcome to the club! Want to make it as painless as possible? Read on.

What Is Moving Insurance?

Make sure you get the right insurance for the big day and make the process stress-free.

First Apartment Checklist: All the Essentials You Need

Essentials for your new digs, plus expert tips on how to budget for them.

Pet Deposit

Renter's guide to pet-related rental charges.

What Is An Estoppel Certificate, and Should I Sign It?

This document can help protect both tenants and landlords.

Your Ultimate Change of Address Checklist: 16 Places to Notify When You Move

Let's simplify your move!

What Is A Guarantor On A Lease?

A guarantor could help get your rental application to the top of the list.

16 Apartment Hunting Tips to Find Your Dream Rental

Moving is a drag. Let's make it a little easier.

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

How to prepare for a move, without the stress.

How to Do a Proper Apartment Walkthrough, Step by Step

Make sure you check all the boxes before signing your lease.

Ultimate Guide to Moving in With Your Significant Other

9 practical steps for couples taking the leap in their relationship.

9 Tenant Screening Questions You Should Be Asking

Landlords, take note.

20 Tips on Moving to a New State

Major relocations deserve major planning.

Every Question You Should Ask Before Renting An Apartment

Here's what you'll want to know before signing that lease...

The 12 Best Cities for Young Professionals

Hungry for a change? Consider making a move.

How to Pack for a Move Like a Pro

Packing up and moving isn’t easy. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you pack like a pro.

How Much Rent Can You Afford?

Let's talk dollars, cents, and your apartment search.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is a sum of money that landlords use in case their renters damage the rental property or fail to pay rent.

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