All about costs

Giving your pet a healthy life is an investment that’s worth every penny.

How Much Does it Cost to Spay or Neuter a Cat?

Before your favorite feline goes under the knife, get the facts.

How Much Does a Vet Visit Cost?

Great care isn't cheap. We'll take a look at an average vet bill.

How Much Does it Cost to Spay or Neuter a Dog?

Before your best friend gets "snipped," get the facts on this routine procedure.

How Much Does It Cost To Own a Dog?

Get the facts and figures on the wonderful world of dog parenthood.

How Much Is Pet Insurance?

Let’s dig into the factors that impact how much your pet insurance costs.


Co-insurance can be confusing, but we'll dig into all the details.

Pet Insurance Terms, Explained

Because "my dog ate my homework" isn't really an excuse.

Lemonade's Pet Insurance Add-Ons, Explained

Your pet deserves more coverage, as a treat.

Dog Surgery 101: Costs, Care, & More

What to expect when your pup goes in for surgery.

Cat Surgery 101: Costs, Care, & More

Here's what to know before your cat's procedure.

Dog Boarding Kennels: Pros, Cons, Costs, & More

PTO: Pooch time off.

Doggy Day Care: Costs, Benefits, & More

It's bark to school season.

2022 Pet Ownership Survey: Costs, Trends, & More

The findings can help you become a more informed pet parent.

What's the Average Cost of a Dog X-Ray?

Sometimes your vet needs to take a closer look.

Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets: Costs, Claims, & More

We'll cover the whole 'kitten' caboodle.

How Far Would Americans Go To Care for Their Pets?

We surveyed over 1,000 pet parents to find out.

How Much Does a Dog MRI cost?

An excellent diagnostic tool—with a hefty price tag.

What’s the Average Cost of an Ultrasound for a Dog? 

Get a better look at your pup, from the inside, out.

What Is the Cost of Chemotherapy for Dogs?

A life-saving treatment after a difficult diagnosis.

A Comprehensive Look at the Costs of Hip Dysplasia Surgery for Dogs

Your dog's hips don't lie.

Treating Intestinal Blockage in Dogs: Here’s What to Expect

A sock can turn out to be a very expensive snack.

How Much Does Dog ACL Surgery Cost?

A closer look at treating your pup's torn ACL.

Understanding the Costs of TPLO Surgery for Dogs

A closer look at treating your pup's torn ACL.

Understanding the Costs of Cherry Eye Surgery for Dogs

A 2024 pet owners guide to treating your pooch’s eye.

How Much Do Rabies Shots Cost for Dogs in 2024?

Your pooch will need this core vaccine from puppyhood through their adult life.

How Much Does Dog Hernia Surgery Cost in 2024?

A comprehensive guide to treating hernias in dogs.

Understanding the Costs of UTI Treatment for Cats

Help protect your feline friend.

Dog Fecal Testing

For the pet owner who gives a literal sh*t about their pup's internal health.

How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?

Helping your furry friend across the rainbow bridge with your budget in mind.

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