Insuring your valuables

Get renters insurance that protects your most prized possessions. Here’s the lowdown on Extra Coverage.

Your Top 5 Laptop Insurance Questions, Answered

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to insure your favorite device.

Insuring Your Camera? Here’s What You Need To Know

Here’s your quick and easy guide to getting your camera and gear covered.

Bicycle Insurance, Explained

Great news: Bike insurance is way less complicated than you’d expect! Bad news: Bike theft is super common.

Phone Insurance—Here’s What You Need To Know

Because phone theft is the last thing you should worry about.

Jewelry Appraisal

A jewelry appraisal is official documentation that states how much your jewelry is worth.

A Quick Guide to Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds are forever, but sometimes, s**t happens.

Extra Coverage for Your Art, Explained

Keep your creative masterpieces protected without breaking a sweat.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Also known as Appliance Coverage, this endorsement helps cover electronics and appliances that you own.

Insurance Schedule

A schedule in insurance lingo for list – they’re used to define various add-ons, exclusions, or clarifications in your policy.

Insurance Endorsement

In insurance, an endorsement can be an exclusion, addition, or any other type of change to the original terms of your insurance policy.

Insurance For Your Road Bike, Explained

Have a beautiful Bianchi? Worried if you crash your Cannondale? Here's how insurance can cover your wheels.

Drone Insurance, Explained

Looking to insure your drone? A renters or homeowners policy may only offer some coverage. Here's what you need to know.

E-Bike Insurance at Lemonade, Explained

We're excited to begin offering coverage for Class 1 and 3 electric bikes!

Musical Instrument Insurance, Explained

Extra Coverage for your guitar, keyboard, or antique French horn.

Extra Coverage Documentation Made Simple

Scheduled property coverage (or Extra Coverage, as we call it at Lemonade) requires some simple documentation.

Avoiding Bike Theft is Easier Than You Think

Losing your bike hurts. Here's how to protect your wheels.

Guard Your Gems: Your Guide to Jewelry Insurance

How to choose the best coverage for your precious jewels.

4 Ways To Protect Your Valuables While Traveling

The jetsetter’s guide to a stress-free trip

What You Need To Know About Extra Coverage

Here’s how to schedule an endorsement, and how Lemonade’s Extra Coverage will help.

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?

Hint: your stuff is proabably worth way more than you think.

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