Fur fam life

Put your paws in the air and shake ‘em like you just don’t care…

These Women (And Their Dogs) Are Powering the Pet Industry

Celebrating a few of the field's many talents.

The 13 Best Music Videos Starring Dogs and Cats

A barking good way to waste an afternoon.

DIY Doggy Treats

These easy-to-make doggy treats will get your furry friend’s tail waggin'.

Cat Person

A cat person is someone who identifies as a lover and friend of felines.

Fur Fam

Your fur fam consists of the non-human members of your household.

Foster Fail

A scenario in which pet parents take in a foster animal, but ultimately adopt them as a permanent family member. 

The Top Dogs for Apartment Living

Tips and tricks for finding the perfect canine roommate.

Should You Adopt a Dog?

A few things to consider before bringing home a canine friend.

I Was Obsessed With My Cats. Then I Had a Kid.

Navigating a very unique love triangle.

The Fashion Photographer Who Wrangles Cats

"Have you ever carried a freaked-out feral cat in a metal trap up three flights on a rickety NYC fire escape?”

The Art of the Dog

A creative celebration of canine beauty

365 Days of Lemonade Pet

What we've learned about Goldendoodles, cats named Dog, and much more.

Why Did We Publish a Book About a Dog Who Fricken Loves Pizza?

Oh, the things we'll do to make one dog laugh...

The Future of Pets: Lemonade’s 2022 Predictions

From vegan fashion to DNA tests, fancy food, and the rise of the 'Cat Dad'—here's what we're expecting to unfold in the coming year.

We Asked Expert Pet Photographers to Share Their Secrets

Here are some insider tips to make your cat or dog look their best

Should You Adopt a Cat?

A few things to consider before bringing home a feline friend.

Celebrating the OG Members of Lemonade's Fur Fam

These cats and dogs were early adopters.

How to Mourn Your Pet

Saying goodbye to a beloved cat or dog is never easy.

Adopting a Dog? Having a Baby? Look to the Moon...

Lemonade's pet data shows something curious.

Celebrating the Wildly Creative Names of Lemonade Pets

Smushy von Wiesel II? Snork? We salute you!

The Lemonade Giveback Guide for Animal Lovers

How to really make a difference for our four-legged pals

The Only Pet Gift Guide You'll Need This Year

When your dog or cat says "no gifts," you know they don't really mean it

Your Dog Is Republican, and Other Questionable Stats

Spoiler: The most important expert on your pet's personality is you

How to Get Your Dog or Cat Ready for Halloween

Keep things spooky but safe for your furry friend

Pet Insurance and Your Skateboarding Dog

What happens if Fido loves to grind & cruise?

7 Things To Consider When Picking the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle 

A few key factors that'll help you land on your canine match.

What to Do When Your Pet Goes Missing

Get them homeward bound, faster.

A Practical Guide to Moving With Your Pet

Actionable tips and tricks to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

27 Pet-Friendly Plants For Your Home and Garden

Your fur babies and plant babies should live in harmony.

Pet Ownership Statistics in 2022—70 Fun Fur Facts

Let's take an international journey through the world of pet ownership!

Marijuana & Your Pet: What You Need To Know

How to keep your fur fam safe in a 4/20-friendly home.

Emotional Support Animals & ESA Letters, Explained

Here's what to know when getting official certification for your ESA.

The Ultimate Dog Safety Guide for Summer

How to protect your fur fam from the dog days of summer.

Are Puppuccinos Safe for Dogs?

Our favorite vet weighs in.

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