What to Know About Your College Student and Renters Insurance

A quick guide for mom and dad.

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Whether your child is shipping off for in-person learning, or is starting things off on Zoom, going off to college is on the horizon, and it’s a lot to take in as a parent. Your child is leaving the nest and you’re filled with bittersweet emotions. As a parent, one of your biggest concerns is making sure you can easily protect your kids—no matter how old they are. 

Getting your son or daughter hooked up with renters insurance is one of the most efficient ways to protect against the curveballs that life can throw. 

Before you take the leap, though, make sure to check your own policy details if you have a homeowners insurance policy already. Depending on your kid’s age and living situation—like if they’re deciding between living on campus vs. off campus—their parents’ homeowners policy may cover them automatically.

If not, getting a quote with Lemonade is simple, fast, and 100% digital.

BTW, if you’re a college student looking to get schooled on renters insurance, read our student’s guide to renters insurance.

What sort of things does renters insurance cover?

We get into the nitty-gritty of renters insurance here, but it’s helpful to know that a renters insurance policy includes personal property coverage for damage as well as for theft (at home, or on-the-go).

If your daughter’s new MacBook gets stolen at the student center, that’s covered (minus their deductible, of course). If a burst pipe at their dorm room in their residence hall ruins all of the furniture, that’s also covered.

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Another perk is personal liability insurance for renters. Now, we know your kid isn’t the sort to host wild parties… but if they did, and someone on their property were to get injured, is they had renters insurance, the insurance company would step in to help with any resulting medical bills.

One big thing to keep in mind: If your son or daughter shares a college house with friends, his or her renters insurance policy does not cover the whole group together. Those roommates would have to sign up for their own individual policies.

Can I sign up for the policy on behalf of my kid?

As a parent, you want to help out all you can. 

But insurance regulations are strict. Since signing up for renters insurance involves a legal contract, we need the person we are insuring to be the one to set up their own renters insurance policy, using their own information. If you were to set a policy up on your son or daughter’s behalf, you’d run the risk of the coverage being voided later. 

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Now that your not-so-little-one is moving out and making a home for themselves, it’s important that they have the opportunity to take control of their responsibilities—or at least a few of them.

Can I use my credit card to pay for my kid’s renters insurance?

Yes! While it’s vital that the renters insurance policy is in your son or daughter’s name, your grown child can indeed upload your credit card info to pay the premiums, on either a monthly or annual basis.  

That said, renters insurance is a pretty modest expense, with rates at Lemonade starting around $5/month. It might be a great opportunity to nudge your grown child toward greater financial independence… knowing that if they’re ever in a pinch, you might be able to step in and cover the costs so their policy doesn’t lapse.

Go ahead, call your kid over and they can apply in minutes, and get their renters insurance quote instantly (it’s fun! we promise).

How can I stay in the loop about my college student’s renters policy?

We know that parents want to keep informed of what their kids are up to, especially when they’re away from home for the first time. We have your back! 

It’s easy to have your son or daughter add you as the ‘interested party’ on their policy.

What does that mean? As the interested party, you automatically receive email updates when your kid’s policy starts, as well as when it is canceled or renewed. It also means that, if you reach out to us with any questions about the policy itself, we’re allowed to share that information with you.

It’s easy to have your son or daughter add you as the ‘interested party’ on their policy.

Fyi, there can be more than one interested party listed on your offspring’s policy. If he or she is renting in off-campus apartment, for instance, the landlord might ask that they are also down as an interested party.

It’s super simple to add interested parties—on the last step of your quote, you’ll be prompted to add them in. You can also add them after you’ve signed up, at any point, through the web or app. All you need is a first name, a physical address, and a preferred email contact.

And that’s about it!

Once your grown child is all set—and happily covered by Lemonade—please make sure they contact us directly if they have any questions or concerns. 

At this stage of the game, you have so much to be proud of. Insurance is a big step, and a huge accomplishment to celebrate with your child. Celebrate this milestone in their adult lives, and some peace of mind. 

Take care out there, and enjoy that empty nest for a little bit!


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